My Mom

Waking up for frequent 3am chats with an overly protective mom while laying in my bed in Jinju, South Korea gets exhausting and overtime starts to resonate groans of “Ma I love you but now its 3 here.” She responds “I don’t care I want to talk or in a sweet siren voice I love you.” Her responses to my tiring voice laced with lassitude give me the energy to wake and shake the cobwebs of tiredness out of my system. Her next line is always “I carried you for 9 months and now this is how you speak to me.”  Over the last year and six  months since living in South Korea my mom has had seven brain aneurysms caused from her thrillful life as a rockstar. Her doctor has constantly reminded  her  to stop drinking and smoking (both the legal and illegal cigarettes.), however she only listens to a voice my voice often terse in words during our conversation.

Now that it has been a year and two months since I was home last, my mom is anxious for my return to State Side in August. I, as well, have a small anxiousness to give her a hug, kiss, and “skinship” as Koreans would call, yet there is a feeling of voidnes if I leave the community I have built around me since being in Korea. My mother is so much apart of me and it goes without saying my utmost love and admiration I have for her, however the life I have made here with Christ, church family, foreign community, and Korean family will never be the same. It’s bittersweet to be leaving such a 대박 country in t-minus 4 months. 

Mom I miss you,

Johnnie Lewis Jackson


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