Psycho Gift-Giving ;)

With Christmas right around the corner I am charged with buying gifts for a multitude of people in my family. As I started writing down my list I thought to myself why do I feel so good about spending a ridiculous amount of hard earned money on gifts? What would I buy? Would I buy them tickets to see Dave Chappelle? Or better yet 20 dollar gift certificate to Sally’s Beauty supply? Maybe I would re-gift to them some Asian art I brought back from my travels of Japan, Korea, and ChinaPuerto Galera- 2011
Actually wrapping my head around the pschology of giftgiving brought me to a conclusion that giving from your heart is what matters the most. Here are a few ideas to consider when giving to anyone during the holidays :).
1) Keep it motive free
In the Sherry model of gift giving the donor-recepient relationship is said to be formed by the donor having a motive behind giving a gift. If you are looking to make your co-workers day make your gift mean something to them not you. By considering their daily routines and aspects of their job giving your coworker a gift that is meanfuling is easy and it down right feels good.
2) Emotional touch
“There is an emotional lift when searching for a gift,” said Southern University professor, Devin A. Byrd, about the psychology of gift-giving. Giving a great gift adds benefits for your individual altruism. Altruism is unselfish concern for the well-being of others. Have you ever giving someone a great gift and their smile makes you feel awesome inside? This is the extrinsic feeling of gift-giving.
3) Wrapping it Matters
I remember in 2010 when I came home for a two week vacation from South Korea. I was attending my nine-year nephew’s birthday party and had bought him a few gifts. At the time I had a obsessive girlfriend who told me one thing that stuck with me about gift giving and wrapping: She said “why would you just hand such a precious gift to someone without tailoring a precious sentiment of wrapping it” Next she said did Van Gogh or Gaudi just leave their works without the finishing touches? Well why would you? We are all artist of something creative in our own way. Be an artist of gift-giving this holidays.
Happy holidays!