Contents of my Soul

I’ve been soul searching. Scrap that, my soul has been ever presently seeking something I can’t articulate. Spilling out of my head these days are thoughts of injustice, wonder, love, lust, and hate. And these are all thoughts I have for my father. Don’t get me wrong, I love my father dearly, however to think he has been behind the same bars for twenty some odd years is hurtful.

Complicating this matter is my own selfish plight to save the world from itself and me. As life would have it, I am enrolled in a rigorous Ph.D. program that pushes me to the limits weekly. The mental weightlifting I and my classmates endure weekly leaves us merciless to brilliant professors who are tenured, untenured, White, Black, Gay, Straight, religious, atheist, and can I add again brilliant.

I aforementioned the previous paragraph to usher in, I am not fucking assimilating my thoughts to those individuals who want me to. I resist therefore I am. I think therefore I resist. And I am therefore I resist and think. Even more, I think this act of being overtly contestable about my thoughts would make my daddy proud.

To be continued….Image


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