Mom receives KKK Flier

What if you were a Black person who grew up in the Jim Crow South and you received a flier stating that the KKK, Ku Klux Klan, wanted you?

In 2008, my mother Etesta Lee Hudson of Marion, Ohio received a KKK flier in her mailbox. Then, the Marion Star, Marion Ohio’s newspaper periodical ran a story about the issue. Because my Mom grew up in Mississippi the flier gave her a bit of post traumatic racist stress syndrome. It took her back to the segregated, Jim Crow that she literally loathed. In my research about the incident for an August presentation I found a White Supremacist website running the story. I kind of chuckled at how they spinned the story. Although the story is not a comedic venture, the attempt to have my Mom portrayed as someone they randomly assigned to the role of Black victim is utterly offensive and ridiculous. More to come from this story…

Check out the PDF:

Check out the story for yourself:


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