reflectin’ on da PhD.

how can i say this with sounding cocky? i will just say it. i survived y’all. this semester i survived taking 3 doctoral classes and 1 undergraduate course. for the doctoral courses i took statistics for educators, leadership for the public good, and theorizing gender and sexuality. each one of those course kicked my ass, keeping me up to 3 and 4am each evening. sorry to my passed on grandmothers for cussing. needless to say, i survived this tumultuous cycle that i purposefully signed up for. prior to entering the semester my advisor warned against this because on top of taking these course i would be teaching 2 sections of the sociocultural foundations course.

in relfection, i should have listened. my advisor is a brilliantly smart, african american who is pound for pound one of the best humans i’ve met since february 28th 1985, the day i was born. well the doctor i met first was pretty legit. and my parents they were cool, kinda corny sometimes, but overall they are mad nice folks.

i was speaking with this same professor the other day while we were plannin’ a course for next semester and she told me str8 up that i was hardheaded. i had this moment that i always do with folks tell me something i already know and have known for two decades now. it’s like the old adage goes, or what my first philosophers would tell me as a kid “a hard head makes a soft ass.”

besides completin’ four courses which i scored 2 a’s in and 2 b’s, i taught 2 courses. and today i checked out my overall evaluations. these evaluations showed i was right on par with the rest of my teaching cohort.

what does this mean for me? it means its time to celebrate, then rethink the revolution.



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