Learning to Speak Brazinglish

I feel this article. Living in South Korea, I grew accustom to Konglish, Korean and English mixed. Some of sayings were absolutely classic: When I was teaching at the public education university in Jinju City my students would say things like “Teacher, my head is sick,” or something like “Tonight I am going to play with friends.” Mostly these Konglish terms were strict translations from Korean to English, but to me it always made no sense until I started studying the language. “Teacher, my head is sick,” translated to English meaning “I have a hangover or I have a really bad headache.” The other, “Tonight I am going to play with friends,” translated to “Tonight I am going to hang out with my friends”

The experience above, set me up for a whole new world of language blending when I went to Brazil this past summer to learn three things: 1. Would Brazil be ready for the World Cup. 2. About richness of Brazilian culture including food, language, people, and history. 3. Brazilian Portuguese! Check out this article on “Learning to Speak Brazinglish”

Reviews by Josmar Lopes


November 8, 2013

Our guest columnist for the month is São Paulo-born Vanessa Barbara. A novelist, translator and columnist for the Brazilian newspaper Folha de São Paulo, Vanessa edits the literary website A Hortaliça (www.hortifruti.org). Her article, “Learning to Speak Brazinglish,” is a masterful semi-serious, tongue-in-cheek tome in which she discusses Brazil’s precarious preparations for the upcoming 2014 World Cup.

Brazilians are trying hard to get ready to host the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

Despite having a big territory rich with natural scenery, Brazil is not accustomed to many international visitors. The World Tourism Organization, which ranks tourist spending in different countries, puts it 39th on the list, behind much smaller countries like Lebanon, Croatia and Malaysia. Next year, the government expects tourism spending in Brazil to grow by 55 percent, thanks largely to the World Cup.

But as that time draws near, the general feeling…

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