hip hop i am

if i could describe my flava, style, love, politics, and epistemological disposition i can sum it up by saying i am hip hop. full of bucking the status quo, putting a middle finger to the establishment, yet benefiting from what the establishment has to offer. i think much of my onto-epistemological disposition has to due with the year i was born. by being born in 1985 i was immersed in the the decade, well eight year reagan revolution that bolstered a war on drugs, cuts in safety nets, and the fall of the berlin wall. the first former item helped sweep up my mom and dad, the last latter item helped me visit both sides of berlin in 2010.

more than anything i was born to loving parents who were called off to duty in cells that look like prisons. that being said, my brothers, being of the hip hop positionality listened to the gamut of Kool Moe Dee’s, Easy E’s, 2 Live Crew’s, Big Daddy Kane’s, MC Lyte’s, Tupac’s, Dr. Dre’s, NWA’s, Public Enemie’s, Digable Planet’s.

man, how i loved hip hop growing up like i loved ninja turtles. hip hop gave me something that looked like me. church did as well, but at times church didn’t express my coolness. besides, grandma would yell at us for listening to that “cursing, loud, obscene, roguish music that made no sense.” talkin’ bout intergenerational warfare, music in our household came to a political struggle for which generation was legitimate. caught up in wadin’ in the water, i was always “cool like dat”

i resolve, to my core i am a child of god. to my core i am hip hop. more importantly, cool like dat i am!


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