on dark

on dark there is light. the ray of dark sunshine illuminated the heart i once new. knew i had beginnings because someone told me. dark skin pitched to me by white slavers who found profit in hiding how beautiful i was, and how brilliant white skin was to them.

on dark, in a forest treading water flowing around my shoes that leave imprints for the warrior of light to follow. every step i come to is one closer to darkness. one closer to death. one closer to life. one closer to persecution. one closer to exile. one closer to contempt. one closer to committing adultery on my wife with my job’s relentless demands to do all i do. 

walk or perish, tread darkness or find peril. sound like a dichotomy that needth not be set for me verbally or physically. a grandmothers word calling you a muthafucker stick, a father’s leaving you to pursue a life behind cars stick. a mother’s tale of molestation, prostitution, and then a bid in prison stick, a failed attempt to be a good athlete stick. a failed attempt to be good in business stick, a failed attempt to act like you have it all together stick. 

on a dark path, with all of this mud sticking to my shoes holding me and you down in a place help me grounded on the failings on humans. humans can only light the path of darkness with burnt dark candlesticks. these same candlesticks illuminate me as i reach to be a better example for the human race and human condition. i fail for i am. i succeed for i need, need a new breed of person to acknowledge that as i fail i figure out who i am. i must fail darkly to illuminate me. i must fail lightly to illuminate you. no… matter… your… path…. light… it…. with… dark… past…. candlesticks!


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