up everyday at 6am. reading just a chapter by a white chapter, then a chapter by an asian author, then a chapter by a black author. thinking to myself negro have you lost yo muthafucka brain cells. why would you sign up for such foolishness. the next second my sista from columbus calls me telling me that my niece needs spanish lessons. my brotha beeps in telling me about my nephew having all A’s. so much so now, my sibs consider me an education new reporter. daily they clue me in on what’s going in my nieces and nephews education.

meanwhile in the academy, i am struggling between black space, white space, latino space, and asian space. damn space, shit gets kinda real when you dealing with alternative epistemologies. fightin’ words such as “i wonder what the efficiency of affirmative action is today” break the lips of a liberal white educator of mine and wound my flesh as bullets did J. Davis and T Martin. for the former two brothas I am here.

what’s my inspiration? mass incarceration, push out rates, black hair politics, but most of all i’m inspired by the uninspired educators who question my writing, intellect, and stamina!


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