World Review: the People Defend Their Independence

As the world turns it looks as though the arm of the politic apparatus is tending to do more to restrict middle class folks all over the world. Keep feeding me Political Idealist!

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Lufthansa rocked by industrial action

Lufthansa, the German-owned airline conglomerate, has cancelled hundreds of flights operated by its domestic, cargo and low-cost divisions in response to a three day strike held by the Cockpit Association. This will be the third stoppage in a long-running dispute between workers and management over pay and job security. Workers want an above inflation pay rise and a two-pronged commitment that there will be no redundancies or outsourcing of divisions to agencies, which would guarantee savage pay cuts. Lufthansa, which made a £700 million operating profit last year, enabling it to restore dividends to shareholders, has refused to meet workers’ requests.

New Mexico police attacked in YouTube video scandal

A group of Albuquerque  police officers were accused of a gross abuse of their powers after footage– captured by a camera that is part of police uniform in the state- showing them shooting a Taser…

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1:17AM Interview with Tyrell Turned

1:17AM Interview with Tyrell Turned

Tyrell Turner and I are up at 1:18AM U.S. Eastern Standard time. His interview was spectacular because we had a chance to reflect on his teaching experience in South Korea and Thailand.

Economics of House of Cards

One of my favorite shows to help me reconsider and rethink about white privilege, politics, power, knowledge, and all things humorous in life is House of Cards starring the big homie Kevin Spacey. In the show, Frank Underwood played by Kevin Spacey does all he can to exhort his power over his colleagues in Congress, his state constituents, his wife, his mistress, and even a dog in one scene.

Well in this series on the Youtube channel EconPop, the host walks us through how Public Choice theory can be used to understand and interrogate the series House of Cards

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love thang

and sarah told her black boyfriend if you love me dedicate your life to me as you would any woman. come for me and help me on the mountain. come for me and help dress my wounds up like you would a solider from a battle. or more come for me to comfort me. i think you know i will never leave you, always be by your side.

paul with all his flaws loved sarah. sarah’s whiteness was one thing he loved, but even more he loved the fact that her hair would fit in his hand leaving no reminisce of grease. his hair was a texture of his african ancestry. his hair was something of an identity issue for him. his feet, inherited from his mom were ugly long and unpure like sarah. sarah’s family always comforted him and made him feel down when he needed to and high when he needed that too.

sarah wanted for paul to give up his addiction to her so she asked him to meet her at the bridge on 38th and Nye to fly. Flying in this sense meaning jumping off the bridge without a parachute, wings, or any support. sarah was the cocaine, her family was the alcohol and marijuana, and paul was the bodied soul that fell in love with the “white girl” that made him hate himself and ultimately free himself.

incubating thoughts

accounting to the times where my thoughts laid remorsefully within the container of my brain. the return on investment of education left the hidden cost of liabilities wrapped up in student loan debacles and the overstated currency of thoughts. did i see the financial obligations of epistemological and ontological notions not easily understood? who am i to try to spy on the eye that lies? steadily i incubate thoughts that render me crazy. she told me to incubate as many thoughts so later no one could judge me. she told me that once i got my education no one can take that away from me. she was right to think that the same incubator i lay in as a babe is the one that i must also lay ideas in.

snitching on my own ideas to the very people that hate my very soul only because i care about not the power, money, or glory, but the general plight to love learning. i say “i love to read, write, think, and speak,” to that they note “only for the money, am i doing the phd,  get paper.” i replied with the obvious eye “get that paper, but don’t let that paper get you brotha or sista.”

man my thoughts are not on the paper, but on the mere ideas of change. honesty, i say fuck the paper because as wayne stated “i gotta die wit money cuz i wasn’t born wit it.” the paper comes my way just because the world conspires against those who work hard, put god first, and keep loyal to the path they blazed getting to success. or am i ego trippin?

incubate those thoughts young person, incubate!