incubating thoughts

accounting to the times where my thoughts laid remorsefully within the container of my brain. the return on investment of education left the hidden cost of liabilities wrapped up in student loan debacles and the overstated currency of thoughts. did i see the financial obligations of epistemological and ontological notions not easily understood? who am i to try to spy on the eye that lies? steadily i incubate thoughts that render me crazy. she told me to incubate as many thoughts so later no one could judge me. she told me that once i got my education no one can take that away from me. she was right to think that the same incubator i lay in as a babe is the one that i must also lay ideas in.

snitching on my own ideas to the very people that hate my very soul only because i care about not the power, money, or glory, but the general plight to love learning. i say “i love to read, write, think, and speak,” to that they note “only for the money, am i doing the phd,  get paper.” i replied with the obvious eye “get that paper, but don’t let that paper get you brotha or sista.”

man my thoughts are not on the paper, but on the mere ideas of change. honesty, i say fuck the paper because as wayne stated “i gotta die wit money cuz i wasn’t born wit it.” the paper comes my way just because the world conspires against those who work hard, put god first, and keep loyal to the path they blazed getting to success. or am i ego trippin?

incubate those thoughts young person, incubate!


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