love thang

and sarah told her black boyfriend if you love me dedicate your life to me as you would any woman. come for me and help me on the mountain. come for me and help dress my wounds up like you would a solider from a battle. or more come for me to comfort me. i think you know i will never leave you, always be by your side.

paul with all his flaws loved sarah. sarah’s whiteness was one thing he loved, but even more he loved the fact that her hair would fit in his hand leaving no reminisce of grease. his hair was a texture of his african ancestry. his hair was something of an identity issue for him. his feet, inherited from his mom were ugly long and unpure like sarah. sarah’s family always comforted him and made him feel down when he needed to and high when he needed that too.

sarah wanted for paul to give up his addiction to her so she asked him to meet her at the bridge on 38th and Nye to fly. Flying in this sense meaning jumping off the bridge without a parachute, wings, or any support. sarah was the cocaine, her family was the alcohol and marijuana, and paul was the bodied soul that fell in love with the “white girl” that made him hate himself and ultimately free himself.


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