World Review: the People Defend Their Independence

As the world turns it looks as though the arm of the politic apparatus is tending to do more to restrict middle class folks all over the world. Keep feeding me Political Idealist!

The Political Idealist

Lufthansa rocked by industrial action

Lufthansa, the German-owned airline conglomerate, has cancelled hundreds of flights operated by its domestic, cargo and low-cost divisions in response to a three day strike held by the Cockpit Association. This will be the third stoppage in a long-running dispute between workers and management over pay and job security. Workers want an above inflation pay rise and a two-pronged commitment that there will be no redundancies or outsourcing of divisions to agencies, which would guarantee savage pay cuts. Lufthansa, which made a £700 million operating profit last year, enabling it to restore dividends to shareholders, has refused to meet workers’ requests.

New Mexico police attacked in YouTube video scandal

A group of Albuquerque  police officers were accused of a gross abuse of their powers after footage– captured by a camera that is part of police uniform in the state- showing them shooting a Taser…

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