International Student Barometer

Recently, I was able to gain access to the International Student Barometer, or ISB for short. This short post will only outline some of the tools that are useful for incorporating the ISB. Here is a link to more information about the ISB:

Objective Performance Measures

Isolate institutional services performing well and less well, as whole or for certain groups, and target reform and resources accordingly

Multiple Benchmarks 

Compare results internally, by peer group, nationally and internationally. See the “satisfaction impact” over time of discrete reforms. 

Future Competitive Advantage

Highlight “major themes” where the value proposition for the student is lacking, e.g. employability, cultural integration.

Branding Benefit

Utilize areas of national or international strength to bolster marketing and recruitment efforts, in established and new markets. 

Student Pathways

Better understand how your international students select a school. For example, decision criteria, information channels, agents, funding sources.

Clarify Success Variables

Distinguish quantitative from qualitative patterns of satisfaction. For example, the impact of quantitative factors such as international student numbers or intensity, institutional experience, funding and staffing versus qualitative factors such as leadership and culture. 


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