Beautiful Things Come in Black and Brown

This semester I have been conducting some extensive research on the uncommon genius of African Americans studying and traveling abroad. One of the participants in my last semi structured interview did an amazing job articulating her experience abroad at the intersections of African American and woman. Intersecting the same aforementioned identities was the linguistic balance between African American Vernacular English, Spanish, and Standard American English. Experience how my participate Lola articulates her experience in Cartagena, Colombia through her original piece of poetry entitled Beautiful Things Come in Black and Brown :

There should be a school assignment

For colored kids ages five through twelve:


Go find beautiful things

That are black and brown


Plots of soil

That form the hills of El Chupadero


Tiny ebony rocks

Lining the coasts of Monterrico


Chilean faces

Playing amidst sparkling water


Stretches of golden sand

Under the South American sun


Dark children at ease

In the streets of Cartagena


I traveled

And saw that all around


Beautiful things

Come in black and brown


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