Korea in Black and White

Strolling down the Namgong a white man stops me to ask what it is like to be black. I pause for the cause. I think why tell me what it is like to be white, be worth all the dreams, thoughts, and material gain in the world. The only thing that comes out of my mouth is utter amazement that since I have been in South Korea for a year, all that I have been consumed with is learning how to please the good folk at my university.

The above is an excerpt from the piece I am writing about the lived experience of a black man in Korea in the 21st century. The 38th parallel, the shelling of Yongpeon Do, the first Black American president, and all of the politics of representation that come with reading the world through blackness come to surface when you read this piece of work. Please stay soon.



DOJ will investigate Walmart shooting after no indictment

No Justice, No Peace.


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XENIA, Ohio (WDTN) – The Civil Rights Division of the United States Department of Justice will now conduct an independent review of facts surrounding the Beavercreek Walmart shooting.  It will look for any violations of federal criminal civil rights statutes stemming from the August 5 shooting that took the life of John Crawford III.

A special Greene County Grand Jury declined to hand down an indictment against two police officers involved in the shooting.

The grand jury was comprised of nine jurors.  At least seven jurors must agree to indict.  It declined to indict Sergeant David Darkow and Officer Sean Williams on any criminal charges.

Special Prosecutor Mark Piepmeier walked the media through the August 5 shooting incident inside the store, including use of the controversial surveillance video from inside the store.grand jury

It shows John Crawford III walking around the aisles with the toy weapon in his…

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