Don Cheadle is Captain Planet Part 1

I don’t know how I missed it, but this satire of one of my favorite kid cartoons Captain Planet stars Don Cheadle. Don Cheadle has been summoned by the teenagers Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and Heart to stop some deviants from destroying trees.

Well we find that the Don Cheadle inspired Captain Planet goes a bit overboard by turning everything into a tree. He goes as far as turning babies into tree. Then, turns one of the teenagers who summoned him into a tree.

One of the funniest tag lines from the satire is when Don Cheadle says “anybody else want to go green?”



Confronting the Contradictions of America’s Past

In this segment of the Bill Moyers show, Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Director of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture discusses why history is important to a better understanding of our past racial thoughts in America.’s-past/

Elliot Rodger Manifesto

Elliot Rodger Manifesto

So this summer I am taking a course on Youth Culture in the U.S. Within the course we are investigating the notion of youth culture and how society defines our youth. Just a couple days ago, the shooting on UC Santa Barbara’s campus happened by Elliot Rodger, a troubled mixed race youth. I am posting the link of his manifesto here not to laude it in any way, but to try to understand how a young person can be so reflective about the scope of his short life. A few items jump out at me as I read it. First, the privilege this young man had. Second, the troubles he had that were associated with “socializing” and “being accepted.” Third, how divorce, video games, and sex helped construct his identity.

A few questions I hope to continue investigating: How did his interpretation of his mixed race influence his unpositive concept of “self?” Did this young man have any inkling of self hate for his Asian side? Does school and education play a role in the socializing of our youth?

15 Black Women Poets We Should Know

Recently I have been reading a lot of work by great black women authors, but not posting it to this repository. Today I ran across For Harriet’s 15 Black Women Poets Everyone Should Know. The list is quite extensive, but I certainly enjoy the work of Gwendolyn Brooks. Out of her black woman intellectual spirit was birth the Furious Flower conference. Check out the list of other on the link below:

Peace and Love

Beautiful Things Come in Black and Brown

This semester I have been conducting some extensive research on the uncommon genius of African Americans studying and traveling abroad. One of the participants in my last semi structured interview did an amazing job articulating her experience abroad at the intersections of African American and woman. Intersecting the same aforementioned identities was the linguistic balance between African American Vernacular English, Spanish, and Standard American English. Experience how my participate Lola articulates her experience in Cartagena, Colombia through her original piece of poetry entitled Beautiful Things Come in Black and Brown :

There should be a school assignment

For colored kids ages five through twelve:


Go find beautiful things

That are black and brown


Plots of soil

That form the hills of El Chupadero


Tiny ebony rocks

Lining the coasts of Monterrico


Chilean faces

Playing amidst sparkling water


Stretches of golden sand

Under the South American sun


Dark children at ease

In the streets of Cartagena


I traveled

And saw that all around


Beautiful things

Come in black and brown

International Student Barometer

Recently, I was able to gain access to the International Student Barometer, or ISB for short. This short post will only outline some of the tools that are useful for incorporating the ISB. Here is a link to more information about the ISB:

Objective Performance Measures

Isolate institutional services performing well and less well, as whole or for certain groups, and target reform and resources accordingly

Multiple Benchmarks 

Compare results internally, by peer group, nationally and internationally. See the “satisfaction impact” over time of discrete reforms. 

Future Competitive Advantage

Highlight “major themes” where the value proposition for the student is lacking, e.g. employability, cultural integration.

Branding Benefit

Utilize areas of national or international strength to bolster marketing and recruitment efforts, in established and new markets. 

Student Pathways

Better understand how your international students select a school. For example, decision criteria, information channels, agents, funding sources.

Clarify Success Variables

Distinguish quantitative from qualitative patterns of satisfaction. For example, the impact of quantitative factors such as international student numbers or intensity, institutional experience, funding and staffing versus qualitative factors such as leadership and culture. 

slum dogg millionairing it

just reading an excerpt on using poststructualism has me slum dogg milionairing my thoughts connecting dots to certain oppressions to do render and relegate those on the margins to the margins. hmm, the aforementioned was a sentence fool, oops I full, my tongue being of the African American positionality has me linguistically positioned against my dipping into and out of and against Standard English. 

i am a slum dogg millionaire, connecting ideas back to the past to understand the cubism of life. past, present, future notions of becoming and being me that is positioned to do what?